Founding Father Of Patriotism: The Founding Fathers Of America

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Today’s understanding towards patriotism has become drastically overturned and mistaken for its true meaning, it is like Christmas- One is promoted of what “the actual meaning” of Christmas is, yet, we tend to even mumble a few quilt-ridden words to that effect ourselves; Instead distracting each other with the gifts, gathering and other paraphernalia of the holiday than the fidelity of its actual meaning. So is it with celebrating Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day or Washington 's Celebrations that we fall under patriotism? The Founding Fathers of America, men and women who privileged us with reason to be patriotic, would immediately disagree. Because of the notorious attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, Americans in near unanimity began “feeling”…show more content…
Similar to what Adolf Hitler proposed with the Nazis in Germany. Patriotism is not love of or for the country, and if by “country” one means the environment- rocky mountains, plain fields, monuments, and the like. Almost every country has such landmarks, and if thats what we base patriotism on, then Americans have little to no value for which we can declare unique or special admiration for. And certainly, patriotism cannot mean giving ones life for some collection of rocks or bodies of water. Patriotism is not obeying in anything our figures tell us or do, it is not plainly showing up to vote. The need to understand more about what inspires a voter before conjecturing his or hers patriotism is greatly required. One may held an election just to gain something at someone else’s expense. As Dr. Johnson one said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” The waving of the flag can be an external sign towards patriotism, however, we cannot cheapen the expression by ever proposing that it is anything more than a
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