Founding Fathers Argument Essay

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Ratifying the American Constitution in 1788, was the start of creating an effective national government where more issues arise especially with the Founding Fathers. They believed to govern unified people that possessed virtue and natural aristocracy would govern the country in the public’s interest. However, that did not happen automatically due to the illogicality views of not only the Founding Fathers but the state representatives. There were different opinions on the virtue of men and women, women were supposedly more domestic and men were sophisticated in public. One of the biggest arguments between the Founding Fathers is how the government is run; Republican is supporting a French radical republicanism or Federalists pro-commerce a democracy.…show more content…
Women were expected to be domesticated, to stay behind the scenes and were considered their husband 's property. While men were known to be very sophisticated in public, they had the role of the leader in the house. “Before the Revolution, American society was rigidly and unapologetically hierarchical,” (The Contrast p.4). Where sons of laborers were expected to become laborers themselves and sons of upper class were expected to inherit their fortune. Men understand to look out for the public interest, therefore, social identity before the Revolution was straightforward if you were a servant you had little mobility in society, the wealthy had more mobility in social standings. As for women, they were seen as their husband 's property once they married their dowry became their husband’s money. Women tried to make their voices heard, especially throughout the revolution. A women’s place in the world was their ‘sensibility’, their ability to “stimulate the sentiments or emotions of individuals… inspiring them to act in ways that promoted the virtue and happiness of others,” (The Contrast p.5). After the revolution women were allowed to have a voice in marriage, they were no longer seen as only being domestic. They still did not have a lot of freedoms but their voices were starting to be heard. While reading women were expected to read books with the ideal being life and men were known to read books that were ideally about strategy. The Contrast, gives the audience a look at the difference between the American and European virtues post-revolution, with morals, manners and
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