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There have been many cases in today’s government where the ideas and ideals of the United States founding fathers have been put to the test. From School shootings to government debates, wrongful policing to misuse of presidential power, the rights of the people and the principles of our government have been scrutinized. Some contemporary examples of today’s demonstrations of the founding fathers of our nation’s ideas and ideals include the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and different ways our government promotes the general welfare.
First off, the events that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, put the natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness explained by our country’s framers in the Declaration of Independence to the test. An unarmed black male, 18 year old Michael Brown, was fatally shot multiple times in the front of his body by 28 year old white police officer Darren Wilson. This incident caused large amounts of civil unrest in Missouri and
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For example, our government works every day to keep us safe from harm. Whether it’s the police, FBI, or military, we know that justice will be established for all accounts of terror, legal wrongdoing, or even house burglary. we know we can count on our country’s lawmaking and law enforcing to keep us out of substantial harm. Also, our government, whether it is city, state, or federal, provides us with the public necessities for becoming a thriving community and nation. With certain help like community recreational facilities, schools, airports, and parks, to even the little stuff like fire hydrants, light posts, and roads, our government funds these to better us as a whole. These acts of promoting the general welfare by our community, state and national government are great examples of the positive execution of the ideas put into the Preamble of the Constitution by our

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