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This is a part of research on experimental investigations on utilization of waste foundry slag with alccofine in developing high strength concrete. In this research, the foundry slag is replaced in different proportions as fine aggregate and alccofine is used as a substitute for silica fume. This paper presents the results of an experimental study investigating the compressive, flexural and tensile strength properties of concrete using foundry slag as partial replacement for conventional fine aggregate. Samples of concrete (eg. cubes, cylinders, beams) were casted using varying contents of foundry slag as fine aggregate. The proportion of foundry slag was varied from 0% to 50% using concrete mix of M80 Grade and water/cement ratio of 0.274.…show more content…
This may leads to the problem of dumping industrial waste slag. Also slag obtained from smelting of scrap steel such as old cars may contain toxins and dioxins, which becomes hazardous to environment as well as human health. Although foundry slags have some desirable properties which makes it suitable for beneficial use. The proper and maximum use of waste foundry slag affects our economy and environment. Waste foundry slag consisting of silicates, alumino silicates and calcium alumina silicates which makes it a product that can be used as an aggregate in concrete and can be replaced as a natural conventional…show more content…
Since these waste materials are not useful and hence dumped as landfill near the industry. Unprocessed waste can result in environmental problem and waste disposal becomes a major issue. The effective utilization of this material can solve the environmental issue and can also affect the economy. This research was under taken to study the use of waste foundry slag as an alternative replacement material for fine aggregate in high strength concrete. As there is scarcity of conventional aggregates, it is useful to replace natural aggregates with waste foundry slag as it is a cheap material as compared to conventional aggregates and also saves water and energy in addition to reduction in green house gas emission. Foundry slag concrete is a green material and highly durable, it can be used to construct energy efficient buildings. Use of waste foundry slag in concrete may assist to attain LEED credits by green building council for new construction.
2.2 Scope of Study
In this research, concrete of M 80 grade was considered for a water cement ratio of 0.274 with a targeted slump of (190 ± 30) for replacement of 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% of fine aggregate with slag aggregate. These concrete mixes were studied for compressive, split tensile and flexure strengths.
3.0 Experimental

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