Four Block Schedule Research Paper

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Alfred Mercier once said, “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” Floyd County High School used to offer a four block schedule to all grades, allowing students to learn with pleasure. This year that has been changed. From an eighth grader’s point of view, there is not enough time in the eight-class-a-day schedule to retain what we are learning. With this schedule the homework load has been doubled. With merely forty five minutes in each class there simply isn 't enough time for teachers to deliver their materials. On top of that, students and teachers from the 8th and 9th grade think the four block schedule was better. There are abundant reasons why an eight class schedule it isn 't working. One reason why a bounteous number of…show more content…
As we asked variety of age groups similar questions about the eighth grade schedules they have access to, the following comments were gathered: We asked an eighth grade student, Fiadora Gucciardo, “How do you like the eight class schedule?” Her response was, “I don 't like the eighth grade schedule. Too much homework and classwork, plus when you miss a day of school, you basically have to make up sixteen classes.” We asked tenth grade student, Jacob Dowd, “What do you think about the eight class schedule compared to the four block schedule?” His reply was, “The four block schedule is obviously better, with four classes you have less mental transitions throughout your day. Also, more time to focus on the subjects you 're learning. Plus, less homework!” Finally, we asked Ms. Drake, an eighth grade teacher at Floyd County High School, “What do you think about the eight class schedule?” She responded, “I have mixed thoughts about the eight class schedule. Eight classes provides the opportunity for more electives. However, going from elementary school into the eighth grade schedule is a challenge for many students.” Comparing the four block schedule to the eight periods shows that there aren’t many in favor of this
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