Four Bone Cells

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There are four types of bone cells, the osteoblast, osteoclast, osteocyte, and osteoprogenitor. Each cell has a different job. They all look different and they are all structured differently. Bone cells are very important for the human body. The first type of bone cell is the osteoblast. The osteoblast is mainly responsible for forming or creating new bone cells. They also form the bone matrix. They are shaped like an oval with kind of squiggly, uneven lines. Like most cells they have a nucleus. They also have a rough endoplasmic, cell membrane, mitochondria, and glycogen. The second type of bone cell is the osteoclast. The osteoclast break down bone tissue. It might sound like that would not help the bone, and it would only damage the…show more content…
The osteoprogenitor, also known as the precursors, Become osteoblast and osteocytes and help the cells reproduce. They do not have a known main function for the cell other than just becoming the other bone cells, which is important. They look very similar to osteocytes with more of the lines coming off and a thinner oval shaped main part of the cell, or head. Each bone cell has a very important job in the human body. When the bone cells are put together, and they all do their job, they form bone tissue. "Taken together, the bone cells and the extracurricular matrix from the osseous tissue known as bone" (World of Anatomy and Physiology). Bone tissue is very important. The bone tissue forms bones. Bones are a very important in the human system. When the bones are all put together, they form the skeletal system. The skeletal system helps the body keep its shape and stay strong. Bones also help the body stay…show more content…
The bones do not work properly when not in good condition, and when they have aged, they start not working as properly. They can get worn down from overuse or when you have used your bones your whole life since your bones never change or re replaced. "Some are programmed to die naturally, but conditions like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are linked with an increased level of cell death. In other words, when a higher number of osteocytes die, the bones become weaker" (World of Anatomy and Physiology). Aging can start at different ages for every person, but for most women it starts in their thirties and for men it usually starts in their fifties. Aging can also cause demineralization in bones, around a forty percent loss in women and a fifty-five percent loss in men."Aging often has two adverse effects on the skeletal system. The first is demineralization of bone, a loss of calcium and other mineral” (World of Anatomy and Physiology). In conclusion, there are the four main types of bone cells. They include the osteoblast, osteoclast, osteocyte, and osteoprogenitor bone cells. These cells make up bone tissue, which forms bones, which make up the bones of the human skeletal system. These cells all have different shapes and structures, but also different functions. These bone cells are very helpful and important, but can go wrong when they age and become more used and

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