Causes Of Endometriosis

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There are many gynecological diseases that affect the uterus, a hollow member that is located below a woman's belly button. One of these diseases is endometriosis. To illustrate, endometriosis is a chronic, common and painful disorder that occurs when the tissues grow outside the womb. In addition to that endometriosis term is derived from Latin words and divided into three sections, " end/o " means inside, " metr/i " which refers to uterus, and " osis " which means disease. Endometriosis has four types including minimal, mild, moderate and severe, and it relies on the location, size, number and depth of endometrial implants. Moreover, dysmenorrhea, infertility, pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements or urination and excessive bleeding…show more content…
There are several explanations that may cause endometriosis; however, the causes include retrograde menstruation, genetic factors, immune system disorders, environmental causes and metaplasia. The primary’s possible cause of endometriosis is retrograde menstruation that means menstrual blood is composed of endometrial cells that must go out of the body, but it flows back through the pelvic cavity and fallopian tube. Another cause of the disease is genetic. Endometriosis is sometimes considered hereditary, passed through the genes of family members. For instance, it is more widespread in Asian women than white women, while it is less popular in African-Caribbean females. A third cause is problems with the immune system. The immune systems of some females lack the ability to fight off endometriosis. As a result, the body cannot recognize or damage the endometrial tissues. Fourth, environmental causes may trigger on endometriosis. For example, dioxin affects both the immune and reproductive systems. A study has demonstrated that when animals were presented to abnormal amount of dioxin that develops endometriosis. However, this hypothesis has not yet been proven for humans. Metaplasia is yet another cause of endometriosis. Metaplasia is the process when one kind of cells changes into another to adjust to its environment. Thus, the cells keep the ability to change into endometrial cells during menstrual blood. [4]
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