Four Characteristics Of Strategic Staffing

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Many organizations are moving toward or are already practising strategic staffing as opposed to traditional staffing. With strategic staffing careful planning is putted into the process in an effort for the organization to have a healthy business structure. When staffing strategically, there is a targeted labor market that an organization will aim toward because they know the type of talent that they seek. It is also aligned with other areas in human resource to ensure that the business strategy is kept throughout the process. As such when a firm seeks to staff its workforce strategically, then there are some characteristics that the individual should have or meet in order to ensure that the right individual is chosen or hired to fit both the…show more content…
It is important to note that one of the major characteristic to consider is communication. According to, communication refers to the two-way process of reaching mutual understanding, in which participants not only exchange information, news, ideas, and feelings but also create and share meaning. An organization needs good communicators in the start-up environment due to the fact that employees often work as the public face of the company (Masud, 2012). Bad communicators can bring the company down while good communicators can help create vast opportunities for the organization. Social media recruiting is one great way to access the communication skills of potential hires. This can be done by ways of engaging with candidates in an online talent community in an effort t get a better feel of their communicating…show more content…
In today’s economy, he continued, hiring the best people is more critical than ever which is why organizations are moving toward strategic staffing as it has a process to follow in order to get the right people (Hall, 2012). The first characteristic he spoke of was competency. Being competent, according to Alan, is the first factor to consider to ensure that the potential employee have the requisite skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the task the organization will assign to the individual. The second C that Mr. Hall highlighted was capability. When choosing and hiring an individual to fit an organization, the person should be able to complete not only easy tasks but also find ways to deliver on the functions that require more effort and creativity. Compatibility was the third C that Alan mentioned. With this, the person that will be chosen and hired should be able to get along with colleagues, and more importantly, should be able to get along with existing and potential clients and partners. The forth characteristic in Hall’s seven C’s is commitment. The question that must be answered is whether or not the candidate is serious about working long-term for the organization. In strategic staffing this is important because it is very costly

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