Four Concepts Of Management: The Four Types Of Management

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Management theories is define as how to manage a organization or a company.It consist a set of ideas to cooperate a company to do well in their task and manager may use several management theories to achieve the organization goals.Management theories is a process of planning,leading,organizaing,leading and controlling the labor of organization employees using different organizational sources in an organization to complete the selected objective.It is desperate for managers to be able to guidance people through the rapid dynamic of change.It has four type of management theories such as classical theory,behavioral theory,contingency theory and management by objectives.

First theory of management is classical perspectives three type of management
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Last but not least the forth theory of management is management by objectives(MBO).MBO can be determine as a process whereby the workers and the boss come together to determine common goals,the workers fix their target to achieved,the criterion to be taken as the standard for measurement of their implementation and dedication and deciding the course of action to be followed.The technique was established by management expert Peter Drucker and turn into commonly used in the 1960s.The main concept of MBO is to make sure that everyone in the process of the organization has distinct comprehensive of the goals and objectives of the company.Besides that,MBO system is to get managers and allow workers acting to carry out and achieve their task,which automatically implement those of the tissue.There are five principles of MBO such as cascading of objectives,vision,targets and objectives,particular objectives for each person,participative resolution making,definite time period and capability evaluation and feedback.Therefore there have three MBO strategy known as task assignment,performance review and rewards.MBO has six part of process which is define company targets,define workers objectives,continuous control of workers expression and progress,performance reviews,offer feedback and performance appraisal.Thus,the advantages of MBO is motivation by involving workers in the entire process of targets setting and superior communication and coordination with familiar reviews and…show more content…
The define of leadership is a set of path and goals,challenging the specification and looking for new methods of task towards targets.Leadership also getting folks to comprehend and trust in your vision.Its plays an significant part in leading and motivating the group to achieve new things .Meanwhile definition of manager is more about to manage and ensure that the employees had done their task everyday.Manager on the other hand is to maintain the organization and achieve the goals toward the objectives.Therefore,there has few different between management and leadership.Task of management is planning and budgeting such as build agendas,setting timetables and assign resources.Management define as organizing and staffing,its provide construction and established rules and programme.Leadership is to establishing path such as create the vision and setting for a direction.Thus,leadership also aligning people with a communication skills and build a good relationship with the employees.There has few differences between managers and leaders for example manager does not ensure conception,ingenuity or moral behaviour,leader uses his/her personal authority to affect the idea and the operation to others.Besides that,manager rationally analysis a status while progress a systematic selection of targets and purpose,leader is intuitive,mystical understanding of what needs to be done.Managers also direct focus achieving goals and solved the problems that has been faced,while leader is provide

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