Four Day School Week Essay

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Four-day school weeks have the capability to change student lives. Every school should invest in the four-day school week plan. Implementing this routine would allow teachers more time to teach and give students the option to do their homework during class, in turn creating student success. All of these factors would help to enhance student and faculty life, while promoting success in the classroom. Having a school system run on a four-day rotation would increase their success by offering more opportunities for lesson and work time. Lessons in class are rushed and left unfinished due to the tight time restraints placed upon teachers. They are given an inadequate amount of time to teach the excessive amount of material given to them to cover and, more often than not, they fall behind in their lesson plan, leaving them unable to teach all of the topics in each of their classes. Teachers struggle in reciting the entire lesson within the given time. With the extra fifteen to twenty minutes on their hands they could…show more content…
The courses required me to complete labs on a daily basis. The first class was an hour and a half long, whereas the other was only forty-five minutes. In the longer class I was able to complete the full lab from hypothesis to conclusion fairly easily. I also had time to clean up my lab station and prepare myself for my next class. I rarely exceeded the time limit. In the shorter class I also performed labs on a daily basis, but would have to stop in the middle of an experiment most days in order to catch my next class. The following day I would finish only after having to set up and take down my station all over again. If I would have had an extra fifteen minutes I could have finished the whole lab within one class period which would have helped to save valuable class time and resources, but with the limited availability of teaching time that was not
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