Four Day School Week Pros And Cons

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Four-day school weeks are quickly becoming the topic debate among those that are concerned with the over-all education of the students. Determining if four day school weeks are the best for students requires many different factors to be accounted for. The fact that is that the pros and cons of four-day school weeks need to be fully understood before an informed opinion can be formed. The four-day school week is an advantage because it can reduce discipline referral frequency, reduction in financial cost and can impulse a better morale for the teacher and the students. Even though the rising costs of education are continuing to go up, the full consequence of a shortened school week needs to be learned before long-term advantages or disadvantages…show more content…
It provides an opportunity for extra rest and a less stressful environment. It also provides an opportunity for extra week days at an after-school-job, engaging in volunteer activities or pursuing additional goals. Students who are the member in a group organizations or athletes wouldn 't miss much class and have less work to make up when events occur on a day off. Teachers are just as susceptible to burning out as their students and since so many teachers achieve tenure, there is no simple way to root out teachers whose performance has slipped. By decreasing the teachers’ workload, students are able to receive an improved education without even having to change schools. Morale is also improved among student/athletes, who are now able to juggle their schedule without having to spend the entirety of their days off trying to play catch up. (The advantages of a…show more content…
In this, there will be the fewer day spent in class might have meant fewer referral discipline for students. Students are more rested and focused and, therefore, less likely to disrupt class in engaging other behaviors requiring discipline. Fewer class disruptions result in more engaged teaching, learning and discipline students in their improvement in their attendance.Little empirical research has been conducted on this topic. Most data come from the results of individual districts. Some have seen attendance improve as families schedule appointments such as doctor visits on a free day. In addition, high school athletes who used to miss school on Fridays for game travel are now able to attend all classes. When high school students are in school for a short week, teachers see improved behavior. Fewer students leave the classroom for disciplinary reasons. (Sherwood,

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