Four Day School Week Research Paper

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If you had the chance to do better in something required, wouldn’t you? Four-day school weeks are changing lives all around the United States. Four-day school weeks have changed many things for the better. From helping schools save money, to helping students improve test scores, to even helping parents throughout the work week. Four-day school weeks impact everyone. Schools down in finances could greatly be improved by cutting a regular five-day school week to a four-day. A school in Minnesota returned back to the five-day school after the four-day school week had saved them $1.2 million over six years (Johnson). Whereas the Maryville school adopted a shorter school week way back in 1996-97 (Chemlynski). Leaving LeMarie to say “‘the…show more content…
A Louisiana school showed their highest achievement in their 3rd grade classes, linking it to their four-day school week switch (Yarbrough and Gilman82). Even the School Board News says four-day weeks are showing improvement (Ray). When they studied two districts, one with a four-day week and one a regular five-day week, the four-day school weeks’ ACT scores rose above state averages (Ray). Merryville’s district spokesperson, Daniele LeMarie, said, “‘ACT scores are above state averages and have risen from average of 18.7 the four years before the four-day, four-period block to 20 since’” (Chemlynski). With a four-day school week helping schools and students, the only other people to help is the parents. The four-day school week would lead to lengthened school days, giving the regular-hour, eight to five, working parents the ability to cancel out after school care. One parent even said it herself “‘I approve of the four-day week’” (Johnston). “Sixty-seven percent of parents stated that their child liked the new schedule, 60 percent of parents thought their child was doing well, and 82 percent of students stated that they liked the calendar’” (Yarbrough and
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