Four Door Security Skills Essay

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The four Door Security skills that will be demonstrated by the students include refusal of entry, conducting a search, dealing with an aggressive person and crime scene preservation. The below information outlines some of the content that will be covered prior to students starting their assignments.

Refusal of Entry
There must be a reason for denying entry to a patron and that reason must be effectively communicated.
Once the reason or reasons are established, security personnel must effectively communicate this in a firm but polite manner. The vast majority of problems which led to friction at the point of entry centred on security personnel refusing to give any reason for denying entry.
• Good verbal communications
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• Listen to the language used, insulting or abusive etc.
• Listen to the level of voice, loud, fast angry or aggressive tones.
• Observe if all parties are aggressive or are some reasonable and passive.
• Observe what type of body language is being demonstrated i.e. threatening by waving closed fist, physical contact by pushing/shoving.
• Observe how many are involved i.e. one to one, group to group or one to group etc.

Preserving a crime scene
The following is a checklist when preserving a crime scene:
• Seal off the area using ropes or cones etc.
• Re-direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic where necessary.
• Take charge of the scene.
• Take note of persons who may have entered the scene.
• Take note of clues that may have caused the accident.
• Do not allow the scene to be cleaned or tidied until professional examination has taken place.
• Cover/protect evidence that may get destroyed by the elements.
• Apply and maintain observation.
• Do not leave the scene unless properly relieved or in danger.
• Hand over as soon as possible to relevant authorised officer i.e. fire officer or Garda etc.
• Complete a detailed report as soon as
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