Four Elements Of Hip Hop

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The four elements of hip-hop in general are DJing, MCing (rapping), graffiti art and break dancing, defined by DJ Afrika Bambaataa (Brown, 2009). During the 1980’s and the 1990’s, this cultural movement obtained enormous popularity. Hip-hop is the backing music for rap, which is a musical style including rhythmic and rhyming speech. Rap is the movement’s most enduring and most powerful art form (Light & Tate, 2017). Rap went viral from its birthplace New York through the rest of the United States and then to plenty of other countries. Every region in the United States has its own specific style of hip-hop music (AllMusic, 2017).

During the middle section of the 1990’s, the hip-hop scene was dominated by West Coast Rap, which turned gangsta rap into an admired miracle while Dr. Dre was constituted as one of the most important individuals in rap history. The rap scene of California was way more diverse, even if Dr. Dre’s created G-funk determined the West Coast sound. East Coast party rap was mainly copied by West Coast rap until the mid- to the late 1980’s. Nevertheless, Los Angeles and the Bay Area soon demonstrated to be productive regions. The comedy rap of The Pharcyde, the enormous powerful, Latino-colored stoner funk of Cypress Hill and the pioneering gangsta related recordings of Ice-T were all produced in Los Angeles. The Bay Area however answered with Too $hort and his pimp-obsessed rhymes, Digital Underground and their happy, P-Funk-inspired songs and the pop

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