Apple Company Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence
The ability to recognize human emotions, to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of others and their own, and the ability to manage their emotions and the emotions of other people in order to solve practical problems. There are four factors of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. Emotional intelligence is also known as a part of the effective type of leadership. It is very important to understand how the brain operates and how emotional response system works in Apple Company. It is very important for an effective leader to understand emotions and emotional signs of his subordinates. The reason to that is that some employees might be very emotional
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Concerning apple products, their life cycle is a quite interesting issue. The demand for Apple products, particularly on iPhone is so tremendously high, that millions of them are sold from the first week of sales. After the introduction of iPhone 6, 9 million iPhones were sold during the first week of sales. However, the life cycle of Apple cell phones is not long. In order not to lose its positions to the most powerful and serious competitor in cell phone industry, Samsung, Apple invents and produces new modernized models of cell phones every year. This leads to the switch of its customers to another model. Therefore, the previous models lose their popularity and obviously price. The decrease of the demand for older models leads to the stop of its production and the end of their life cycle. Hence, iPhones have two years of their life…show more content…
If the situation is stable and the economic welfare of people is high than the business opportunities and sales for Apple products will be positive. However, there can be negative changes as well. The economic downturn has a direct impact on the business of Apple Company. The depreciation of the economy can be caused by many different reasons, like devaluation, or inflation, when the income of people decreases, while prices do not change. In this situation, the scenery of Apple Company would change to worse side. If the income of people goes down, they will not be able to buy iPhones, which is very expensive. Instead of that, people would switch to substitutes of iPhone to cheaper products of Samsung or other models, which are much cheaper than iPhone. That would negatively effect on the

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