Four Goals Of Punishment

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Four goals of Punishment

When deciding what punishment fits the crime the judge will go over the severity of the crime and past criminal history and meditating circumstances. The punishment can not be more then what the law calls for. The main goal is to try and deterrence crime, reform and rehabilitation of offenders and to make reparation to the persons that crime affected. And with the different types of sentencing in cases the judges hope to achieve that.
Rehabilitation is one of the sentencing a judge can order to assist with majority problems an offender may have from drug addiction to alcohol problems, also angry management or domestic violence. And these programs are often a condition release or reduction in their jail time, it is
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The two types of deterrence are general and specific with General deterrence is the punishment of criminals that is intended to serve as an example to the public to try a discourage them from committing the same crime as others. It is often used for the hope that it will show people that if you commit a certain crime this is what you can expect to happen to you. And hopefully it will scare people straight or at least will think twice about it. Specific deterrence is when a punishment is exacted on a criminal to try an discourage them from committing any crimes in the future. And the punishment needs to be extreme enough so that they will completely understand that their crimes have consequences and maybe it will help them…show more content…
This is used when offenders who have committed repeated crimes or thought to be danger to society are being punished by receiving a long lengthy incarceration, sometimes even life imprisonment. Prison sentences are normally longer considering the severity the crime that was perpetrated. The longer that the offender is behind bars, is the less time that they will be able to commit another crime. And this is strategy when thinking about repeat offenders. One of the purposes of sentencing is to protect the public from those who harm it. That is the reason for the “three strikes rule” meaning that if you are a convicted felon and have prosecuted for two felonies, the third time you incur a felony you will receive a harsh punishment. And that is the way it should be if you keep doing the same thing over and over that you have punished for it means you aren’t going to
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