Four Horseman's 'Where Do Babies Come From'

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n every family, there are particular topics we can’t talk about. Those spoken or unspoken topics are defined as taboos. They are subjective depending on various factors such as the environment, time, the individual who bring it up and more. Many taboos often associated with topics like death, money, or the question “Where do babies come from”. The topic of sex is nothing new in the category of taboos within many families. A factor that contributes to this taboo often stems from communication barriers. It is no surprise that parents as to why communication barriers when it comes to discussing sex with adolescents because the complex factors it embodies. A study done at the University of California identified that there were five themed topics that held parents back from speaking to their children about sex, which included innocence, perceived age appropriateness of the information, fear of others’ reaction, and parental discomfort (Stone, Ingham, & Gibbins). Our skit portrayed a 21st generation family that finds confronts topics regarding sex talk with their primary son and how it presumably…show more content…
Firstly, Christine definitely displayed superiority or contempt over from their conversation in the beginning. She seems to pressure him by giving him assure for her own desires. As the conversation continues she makes herself the victim after Nick tells her his change of mind on having sex. She resorts in asking if he had stopped loving her and lacked apathy for his perspective. This was clear that her concern was not his emotional well-being and a minor example of defensiveness. Conclusion Sex will always be a continuous taboo topic in families due to the amount of factors that contribute to it. Our skit strived to capture the communication theories that help bring the discussion on the ways heterosexual parents go about handling dialogue about sex with
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