Four Learning Theories

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Introduction Learning theory is the process of how is the information been engaged, practice and grow during learning. Learning is defined as the alteration in behavior, in other words, learning is approached as an outcome from the end of some process of the product. Educators who hold the cognitive theory accept as true that the definition is a change of behavior is too constricted. There are four learning theories that been proposed by the psychologist. Its all having own reason and strongly believed in their theory. The four theories that been proposed such as behaviorism, cognitive, social and humanism learning theory. Behaviorism learning theory Behaviorism learning theory is a primary concerned with observable behavior as similar to…show more content…
This was noticed by Ivan Pavlov who views through a dog which will produce saliva by listening to the bell even no smell of food. Pavlov studies and believed that human also will behave the same as what been studied through a dog. Operant conditioning cited by B. F Skinner, which is the reinforcement of the behavior by giving a reward or punishment. B.F Skinner believed that by giving a reward, it will increase the chances of behavior inveterate unlike the punishment will decrease it. Observable for external behavior can be measured but an internal event like thinking must be explained through behavioral terms or eliminated altogether. For the psychologist, there is some difference take place between human and animal. However, research can be carried out on animals as well as humans. Behavior is the result of stimulus-response. For example, all behavior even how complex it is, it can be reduced to a simple stimulus response. Cognitive learning…show more content…
Albert Bandura believed that people learn through observing others behavior, attitudes and outcomes of those behaviors. Most of the human observed others behavior through modeling and from the observation, one will have an idea for a new behavior to perform on later occasions. Social learning theory explains human behavior in term of continuous mutual interaction between cognitive, behavior and environment influence. For the summary, Bandura believed that social learning theory is people learn from one another, by observations, simulated and modeling. Social learning theory usually called a connection between behaviorist and cognitive learning theory as it is concerned attention, memory, and

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