Four Main Causes Of Global Warming

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Nowadays, there are so many problems and issues that the world is facing. Most of the governments try their best to overcome these problems. One of the major problems that the world has always suffered from, but increased lately, is global warming. By definition, it is the increase in the earth’s temperature due to the increase of emission of greenhouse gases. This emission of greenhouse gases has increased drastically in the past few years. The main cause of this increase is due to the human activities. Many people do stuff without thinking about how their actions can affect the environment badly. Examples of such actions are: cutting down and burning of trees, burning of fossil fuels and production of refrigerants and synthetic fertilizers.…show more content…
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the gas of the highest percentage in the atmosphere, which is found to be 82% in the atmosphere. There are 4 main sources from which it’s emitted. Firstly, CO2 is naturally found in the atmosphere as a part of the carbon cycle; which is the natural circulation of carbon among the atmosphere, oceans, plants, soil and animals. The human practices cause alterations in the carbon cycle. Nowadays, as a part of the human activities, CO2 is produced in large amounts due to the industrial activities. There are four main sources responsible for the production of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere: combustion of fossil fuels, transportation and industry. The first source of emission of CO2 is burning of petroleum and fossil fuels. During the process of combustion of fossil fuels, Carbon reacts with the oxygen resulting in the production of Carbon Dioxide. For example, in order to generate electricity, fossil fuels are burned. This result in the emission of the CO2 and according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the process of generating electricity is the largest source of emission of carbon dioxide producing 38% of…show more content…
Being a part of the earth’s nitrogen cycle, nitrous oxide has always been floating in the atmosphere. Agriculture, fossil fuel combustion, wastewater management and industrial processes; however, are increasing the percentage of N2O in the atmosphere. Firstly, there are two ways by which agriculture affects the percentage of nitrous oxide. For one, factories produce synthetic fertilizers which are needed to enhance the yield from crops, which is the main reason farmers invest their money in such fertilizers. Also, nitrous oxide is released when the nitrogen in livestock’s manure and urine is broken down. As known, vehicles and cars need fuel in order to move; however the fuel needs to get burned down in order for the car/ vehicle to move. The process of breaking down the fuel produces nitrous oxide; however, the amount of nitrous oxide released depends on the type of fuel used and some other factors. Not only that, but also during industrial processes; for example, production of nitric acid, N2O is produced as a side product of the chemical
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