Four Main Values Of Personalisation

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PERSONALISATION What is personalisation? The key features or components of personalisation are described as high quality teaching and learning, target setting and tracking, focused assessment, intervention, pupil grouping, the learning environment, curriculum organisation, the extended curriculum, and supporting children’s wider needs. The principle behind personalisation is that every child is different, more so, children with SEN. therefore recognizing that they are different and designing the general curriculum to fit each child learning styles, and when they best learn, helping them to achieve their highest potential and standards possible is personalization. The curriculum and targets are built around a child as an individual not a group.…show more content…
It allows people enough time to respond to stimuli, even if they need a little longer than others. If respect is shown to people with SEN it makes them comfortable and loved. Respect helps them build better relationships with their tutors and instructors and respond better to learning and the world at large. Self-determination: Self-determination is based on the principle that every child or individual has the right to direct their learning. It helps children to build the skills of making choices, problem solving and independent decisions making. This builds the foundation for their adult life. Some benefits of self-determination for people with SEN: • When children show that they can make things happen and take responsibility for them it helps others change their view of them. • When they make decisions themselves it, rather than having others make choices for them helps build their self-esteem, self-worth and…show more content…
• They become more acceptable to the school or community because this ones becomes use to them, • person-cantered planning means that the learner becomes an active participant in their own plans for their own future Fostering relationships Fostering relation is important to any child more so children with SEN. it is when a personal social relationship is built with any child. I have seen first-hand the benefits of this, and how effective it can prove to be. It makes the children happy, and gain more sell esteem. Their parents feel even better because they perceive that their children are starting to get a bit of love, and feel a sense of belonging among their pairs, tutors, coaches etc. The duty of the parents, teachers, tutors, facilitators etc., is to teach children how to make friends and keep them. Teachers teach them how to play with other children not just adults and other teachers. Importance of fostering relationship to people/children with SEN: • It reduces the child’s isolation and improves their social skills • It boost their social competence, self-esteem and confidence • Helps them explore more because they hitch hike with people they
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