The Four Crimes Of Crime

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It said to sad that crime is a big part of society .There are numerous of reason why a person commit a crime, here a couple of them it could be the person lifestyle , how they was raise, another reason crime is committed because the person could be envy and jealous of a person so they result in crime and also people commit crime because they are pure evil and have no morals and do not care about right and wrong. The four crimes I am going to introduce and speak about is four major crime that take place in society. The four crimes I choose was violent crimes, property crime, larceny/ theft, and aggravated assault. The first crime I will introduce is violent crime, it is one of the crime that cause bodily harm. The next crime that will be mention…show more content…
The age limit still in the same from 10 years, 12 years old and older. In 1997 the crime committed by someone they know was fifty percent know it change in a ten-year period and drop down to that 3 percent for males and 23 percent from intimate and for males unknow was 50 percent and for woman it 28 percent. The rate drops down from the victim knowing their attack and it raise that it an increase of the victim not knowing their attack. I truly believe that violent crimes happen for several reasons, the first reason I think violent crimes occurred because of a person lifestyle they’re upbringing and how the person was raised. I also agree with this statement that, “Over time, lifestyle theory and the routine activity approach have been treated as complementary (or even synonymous) because they emphasize the impact of everyday activity patterns. Both theories relate victimization risk to the quantity of time people spend in risky settings”( Lemieux, A. M., PhD., & Felson, M., PhD,2012).It seem that criminal learn a certain behavior and it become a part of their life and it become their lifestyle , as the theory behaviorism describe they learn a certain behavior or idea and the person feel that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Some people feel that violence is inherent in people , I feel that there are situation I feel that some people is pure evil and they could be born that why, I have been in criminal justice for the pass 4 years plus and I never would have through there are so many violent people and so many criminals and cold heart people. I want criminal shows all the time and I feel there are some people who is evil and it no hope for them because they are pure evil and it start when they are little and when they grow up there curiosity take control and they start doing evil things and getting a thrill out of it. Another reason I believe that
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