Four Major Themes In Raphael's Schol Of Athenss

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“Songs of all songs” Raphael maintained harmony and balance, looking at life through harmonic relationships. Stanza Della Segnatura represented four general themes , The Dispute (Theology), The school Athens (Philosophy), Mount Parnnasus (Poetry) and Jurisprudence (Justice).
The over all aspect of the stanza Della Segnatura demonstrates the features of simplicity, clarity and balance.

b) Who are the two central figures represented in Raphael's Schol of Athens, and what aspects of philosophy does each represent?

Italian artist Raphael painted the famous fresco known as “School of Athens”. Subject : Ancient Greece, Created: 1509,
Dimension 5.0m x 7.7m
Genre: history painting. The school of Athens represent the amalgamation of mathematicians, philosophers and scientist from classical antiquity, sharing thoughts and learning from
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The wall opposite to dispute painted the school Athens to represent degrees of knowledge. The rest two walls including these two actually depicted how Julius wanted to see Julius an profligate patron, known by academics to be a patron purely for egotistical motives, the keen of glory also which reflects his nickname “The warrior pope” and the one who desired to be recalled as a utmost pope in history.

d) Research and identify a contemporary 16th century piece of work from West Asian artistic traditon which explores similar themes as those represented in the Stanza dela Segnatura.

Shahnama e Firdowsi, written by Persian poet Abu’l-Qasim Hasan Firdowsi between the ear of 977 and 1010 C.E. It coveres the historical past of Persian Empire foundation with the formation of the world and the outline of the arts of civilization (fire, cooking, metallurgy, law, etc.) to the Aryans and ends with the Arab conquest of Persia. It explores the themes of poetry, religion and law, myths and heroic
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