Walmarts Mission Statement

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Wal-Mart Store is known as the largest, and most renewed Store in America. The founder of Wal-Mart is Sam Walton. He bought the first branch from Butter Brothers. His concern was selling products at low prices, although that sometimes caused him a loss. He wanted to compete with other stores so that people get to know him as fast as possible. So, he succeeded, sales increased 45% first year to approximately 100000$. In 1962 Walton decided to open the first Wal-Mart Discount city store. Walton Sold this branch later to buy a bigger one, and It’s now called “store#1” Wal-Mart offers retails goods and services in a variety of categories. The customer can buy electronic stuff. for instance, Mp3 player, computers. Walmart also offers Music, movies,…show more content…
Walmart cooperated with T-Mobile to offer wireless phone services providing customers with a family plan for unlimited text, and voice calls. (Tashia Washington, Bizflent,2017). 4 The recognized mission statement of Wal-Mart is ‘Saving people money so they can live better” consumers save money through Wal-Mart’s low price. Yet, it’s not clear if the company is clear with “live better” there is a criticism on Wal-Mart’s very low price, employees at the end of the day are not sure if they are making commissions or bonuses because of the low price of the products. (Lawler, E. E. (2014) The company’s goal is to achieve a high position in the retail industry with its known vision statement “To be the best in the hearts and minds of consumers and employees”. One of the strategic objectives of Wal-Mart were to keep the cost of the product low, and spending on other areas of the business. Another strategic objective of Walmart is to attain economies of scale to support the cost-leadership. “U.S. Department of Commerce (2017). The four-managerial functions that can be applied in Wal-Mart store in Saudi…show more content…
planning is to make aims, and object and transform them into specific things or activities to be done. It is totally an important function in all aspects of management, and supervision. Planning practically impact everything we do on a project whether it’s in a positive or a negative way. An appropriate planning makes supervision more effective. That’s why it’s more likely to consider planning as one of the most important functions. (Bob, Electrical contractor,
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