Four Noble Truth Research Paper

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The Four Noble Truths of Buddhist is the fundamentals of understanding Buddhism. It is encouraged that one embrace the practices. It is promised a better life and less suffering than those who do not. The first noble truth is suffering, the personal experience that every human face. The second noble truth is origin cause, craving an explanation for suffering. The third noble truth is cessation to suffering, the end goal of Buddhism. Here is where you reach Nirvana. It states the end of craving, and inclusive the end of suffering. You reach the successful point in your life as a Buddhist by the fourth noble truth, the Eightfold Path. The first noble truth is life is suffering, known as (Dukkha). In researching the meaning of the noble truth…show more content…
This encourages one to follow Buddhist to cease the suffering. Liberating yourself of bad decisions due to ignorance. Detaching yourself from desires and wants. All the above can lead to living a good life and being content. Thus, reaching The Nirvana. The fourth noble truth is the eightfold path, known as (Magga). The eightfold path is made up for eight stages. They are not meant to be taken in any order, but a reinforcement of each other. 1. One stage is right understanding, accepting Buddha teachings and living the teaching first hand. Practicing them and being your own judge in seeing if they were true. 2. Another is right intention. Your thoughts and intentions are to be positive. 3. Third one is right speech, encouraging words rather than gossip and abusive language. Being honest in general and avoiding any slander. 4. The fourth one is right action, living in peace and harmony. No stealing, killing, and staying away from too much sensual pleasure. 5. Another path is right livelihood, living in a way to avoid harm to people or animals. Staying away from weapons and alcohol. 6. Right effort is another path. Keeping a positive mind set to deter an evil thought which can have future negative
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