Four Parenting Styles

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Parenting Styles
There are four main parenting styles, permissive, Authoritarian, Authoritative and Uninvolved parenting. Permissive parenting is very relaxed, there believe is children are capable of making their decision on their own with some parenting advice. Authoritarian parents have high expectations for their children their also very strict they like their kids to follow completely. Authoritative parents are strict, and very loving. Authoritative parents involve a delicate balance of expectations and demands in a fair and responsive environment. They are open minded about rules and issues, they will listen and consider the child’s opinion and viewpoints. Uninvolved parents neglect their children. Their children are emotionally distance
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A permissive parent is very relaxed, nurturing and generally warm. But they don’t care is their kids behavior is good or bad they support them no matter what. They believe their kids can make their own decision with some parenting advice. They don’t really have any demands or rules they like to stay away from arguing with their children. Instead of discipline their kids they bribe them with toys or treats. People believe this parenting style is “too soft” they are usually are controlled by the kids. Some permissive parents don’t want to upset there kids so they let them do as they please, others ae more like friends with their kids and they don’t want to lose that relationship so they don’t discipline or try to control them. If you take them to a store and they ask for anything they will get it and if their mom or dad says not at first the kid will throw a fit till they say yes or they will grab what they want. Children with permissive parents lack guidance, Self-control and exhibit egocentric…show more content…
An Uninvolved parent is when they don’t care what you do they don’t have any family fun, they are neglected, their parents give them few to no demands. The Characteristics of the uninvolved parent are emotionally distant they don’t supervise their kids, they show a little warmth and love but not much, they don’t have expectations or demands for their kids behavior. They might intentionally avoid there kids, they care more about their problems then there children’s so they don’t help them if they have any problems. The effects of the children with uninvolved parents will learn to provide for themselves, they will be scared to become dependent on others, often to emotionally withdrawn, they feel scared, anxiety or stressed because the lack of family support they have an increased risk of substance
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