Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story

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C.Aseltine Comp. 1, P.4 PR: % Four Perfect Pebbles I read the book, Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust Story written by Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan, who was forced to undergo the terrible conditions of Hitler’s reign. In our culture racism isn’t something new. There are constant reports on the news and even in our everyday lives that remind us of what it looks like to be racist and the outcomes of a person’s hate for an opposite race or religion. That is exactly how it was when Hitler slowly came to power in Germany and began to take over. Hitler blamed the Jews for all of the problems in Germany. He told people that they had too much power over the whole of Germany and that soon enough it would not be unique to its native customs. Sounds a little familiar right? In our culture the racism is more towards Blacks and Mexican immigrants, more specifically illegal Mexican immigrants. Riots and fights, strikes and curses, have been the effect of unhappy …show more content…

As Marion is in the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, she starts to collect four pebbles, to resemble her, her parents, and her brother. As long as she holds onto these perfectly smooth pebbles, she swears her family will stay alive and together. Her hope guides her through their journey as a family and individuals, and helps us see the differences in not only our cultures but our time periods. I have many questions that still haven't been answered, like “What was the real reason Hitler was against Jews?” or “Was the reason he hated Jews because they were said to be God’s chosen people?” and even “How could someone be so cruel, so selfish, so possessed by hate that they cannot see that these are people just like them?” My questions may never be answered but I can definitely find the answer by comparing, my own culture to those around me, developing the explanation on my own, and learning new things along the

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