Four Performance Appraisal Tools Analysis

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Four Performance Appraisal Tools Performance Appraisal is an evaluation system used in organizations. This method evaluates an employee’s performance to see where the employee’s strengths and weaknesses are and to fix them through training or otherwise. Performances Appraisal tools are designed in such a way that helps the supervisors evaluate their employees and highlight those strengths and weaknesses. Below are four those tools: 1. Rating Scales: This is a traditional method of evaluating performance. A rating scale, as the name suggests, is when certain numbers are represented as negative, neutral, and positive. For example, if the rating is from 1 to 10, then 1 means negative, 5 would mean neutral, and 10 would mean positive. There can…show more content…
Checklist: Similar to the previous method, this is also traditional and quite archaic. Checklist is too simple where the evaluator selects yes or no (in some cases, ticks a box for yes) to show where the question indicates good performance. As an example, if a question asked ‘Does the employee show enthusiasm?’ and the evaluator selects ‘No’, then that shows that the employee needs to improve his performance in this aspect. Usually, a checklist is more for the behaviour of the employee rather than his way of undertaking the job. Checklists show employees that they need to improve their performance and behaviour since it strictly says ‘no’ as the answer and shows supervisors that the employee has to perform really well for the next or till the next…show more content…
Ahmed explained that the evaluation method helps in evaluating the employee through the perspective of many peers, so the managers are able to guide the employees when they make mistakes. Furthermore, the most important opinion is believed to be of the customers at Yas Marina Circuit, so Ahmed told me that customer feedback is always recorded and kept for training purpose and to improve the employee’s performance. There have been many times that the employees have not replied to customer’s calls or emails, and the customers have mentioned this in the feedback, so this showed the company how important and effective the feedback is to the company’s image and overall

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