Four Pillars Of NHS

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First off, I am humbled to be considered for membership of the National Honor Society. In my opinion on the foundation of the four pillars of NHS the FPC NHS chapter will benefit from my membership because I will bring intellect, drive, leadership, character, dedication to serve my community, honesty, respect, pride, discipline, compassion and among many other qualities a sense of humor. As an active member of my school and community I work hard to serve not just myself but those around me. I am an active volunteer throughout Flagler County as previously stated. I am a teenage volunteer at the Florida Hospital Flagler. As a volunteer I assist the nurses and doctors in various jobs and endeavors; these can range anywhere…show more content…
I will help motivate my peers to take on more community and school service projects. I am not afraid to break out of my comfort zone to benefit those around me. The past two years I have worked to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. This lead me to many clubs and extracurricular activities that I know enjoy. For example, I am an active member of the FPC band. I have met a lot of new people being in that club that helped inspire me to make a bigger impact in my community. As I begin volunteering more time outside of school I realized how much I enjoyed dedicating my time to help those around me. Motivating others to do the same then became my goal for my future. My intelligence and intellect are also very important to me and thus have led me to this situation. I have a passion for learning that fuels my success in education. Intellect is an important aspect of any good leader and community member. My intelligence allows me to catch on to new things quickly and process new information rapidly. This helps me to assess situations with a clear state of mind; leading me to problem solve if applicable, at a fast rate in the…show more content…
As a member of FPC’s future problem solvers and community problem solvers club I have embraced and enhanced my problem solving and critical thinking skills to allow myself to lead my peers. My pivotal leadership role as a Varsity captain for FPC’s Girls Lacrosse speaks volumes as to how my coaches and teammates view me. As a mentor to other players on my team I aid them on and off the field; offering a friendship they can confide in, and tips/tricks they can use to improve their skills. I work with my peers in various clubs to help better them in any way I can. I greatly understand the importance of bettering our school. In my community problem-solving project, Safety Before Sunshine, my peers and I are working to increase the use of sun protection by adolescents in Florida. We have devoted many hours towards our action plan, which consists mostly of our intent to implement sunscreen dispensers in various places throughout Palm Coast and Flagler Beach. We have worked with city, county, and district officials to develop our action plan devoting numerous hours working towards our goal. We plan to go further than our sunscreen dispensers and educate our community as much as possible after returning from state competition. We plan to continue our project into the summer of
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