Four Primary Goals Of Psychology

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Name: Luis L. Capuyon Jr.
Program/Year: CS-1 Section: BY01

Written Task #1
Homework #1

What is Psychology?
Psychology is the study of the human mind and human behaviors.
What defines psychology as a field of study? Explain your answer.
Psychology is defined as a field of study, because like other sciences, it seeks to discover and understand the unknown.
What are psychology’s four primary goals? Explain your answer.
The first goal of psychology is to give an accurate and unbiased description of an individual. The second goal is to explain the behavior and create theories from the description to allow a clear understanding of the behavior. Prediction is the third goal of psychology. While having our own theoretical understanding of a certain behavior, we may be able to foresee possible future occurrences. Control is the fourth goal of psychology. After making predictions, we can prepares ourselves to avoid any undesirable outcomes and control the behavior.

How did structuralism differ from functionalism, and who were the important people in those early fields?
Wilhelm Wundt and Edward Titchener examined behavior using a method called introspection which is a careful examination of one’s own experiences. From this, they decided to break down mental experiences into different parts. This approach is called structuralism.

William James is the founder of functionalism. Although he also used the method of introspection, he focused on the functions or purposes of
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