Four Souls Character Analysis

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The story of Four Souls is all about revenge. The main character, Fleur Pillager, is a member of the Anishinaabe- the Ojibwe. The exposition focuses on the beginning of Fleurs journey to take back the land that was stolen from her. Fleur had to leave her reservation in order to regain her land, and seek revenge on John Mauser, the man who had stolen it. She walks all the way from her reservation to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Fleur successfully landed a job in the Mauser house as a laundry maid. While working for the Mauser family, Fleur discovered that John Mauser has some psychological damage from a past war, and has another secret disease. Fleur begins to cure him, but not because she pities him. She heals him because she wanted to destroy him fresh, and would have otherwise felt cheated out of her revenge.
In the rising action , Fleur actually attempts to kill John Mauser, but gets distracted and and ends up letting Mauser talk her out of killing him. Almost unknowingly, Mauser had fallen for Fleur and she had fallen for him. Mauser divorces his first wife, Placide Gheen, in order to
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Fleur cares for and plays with her child as much as she can, but her child was born with problems and gets more troublesome as he grows up. John Mauser’s investments begin to fail and his empire of money disappears. Fleur’s alcohol fixation gets steadily worse, and corruption starts occurring inside of the household. Mouser ends up fleeing the country, and leaves everyone else to deal with the mess left behind. Meanwhile, back on the reservation, revenge has pushed Nanapush to the final straw. While Margaret is away, Nanapush cuts a hole in their linoleum floor in attempt to kill a fly. In order to cover for himself he uses an empty can of beans to imitate a star and buries it. Margaret arrives home and believes Nanapush until further inspection. However, instead of retaliating or getting angry, she
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