Four Stroke Vs Motocross

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Motocross In the past there has been a big conflict and many opinions have been said on what engine is the better to race in motocross, the two stroke or the four stroke. Motocross has changed a lot from what it used to be back in 1924 when the first motocross race was held. Still to this day riders argue with each other about why the bike they like is better fit for racing and or which bike is better in general. I don 't really have a problem with either of them. They both are good engines however, the two stroke should be the bike riders race in motocross again instead of the four stroke and ill tell you the major differences between these to engines and why I prefer the two stroke over the four stroke. So the first reason I think the two stroke…show more content…
The four strokes have a separate way to inject oil and gas so the air isn 't harmed nearly as bad. This makes the four stroke way more fuel efficient that the two stroke. The two stroke is louder than the four stroke which is a problem these days because of a rule. You can have any type of muffler you want but you have to make sure you don 't break the noise rule in motocross. The Four stroke has good long lasting parts however they are more expensive. The two stroke parts are more easily to break or wear but are much cheaper than the four stroke. The two stroke also has a simpler process than the four stroke which is much more complicated. This means that replacing any parts that break or mess up will be easier to fix yourself unlike the four stroke. The reason that the two stroke is faster is because of the revolutions. The two stroke ignites every revolution and the four stroke only ignites every few revolutions leaving the two stroke to be the faster bike. The spark plugs in the four stroke engines are nowhere near as good as the plugs in the two
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