Four Types Of Business Management: The Four Functions Of Management

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Aside from home, people tend to spend most of their adult life time at their workplace (“Global strategy on occupational health for all: The Way to health at work.”, n.d.). Working and earning wages is now a necessity for people to move on with their daily life. Thus, it is very important for people to blend well with their organisation environment. As well as in the organisation, management is a process that moves the organisation towards the achievement of goals and objectives in an orderly and well-planned. This is also supported by Carpenter, Bauer and Erdogan (2009) in their book which said that management has four major functions. In general, the four types of management functions are planning, organising, leading and controlling which are used to achieve the goals and objectives in an organisation. (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1).
The first type of management function is planning. Planning is a process whereby the managers or leaders determine the objectives and goals of the organisation and plan the direction towards achieving goals and objectives.
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The controlling function is the process that involves in monitoring the work performance that have been done and the actual results that have been achieved. Results of work that have been achieved will be compared with the desired results, corrective actions will be taken upon the result that have not meet the desired requirement. Controlling ensures that the effective and efficient control over the resources within an organization for the desired goals. As for the desired goals to be achieved, the plans for the goals are must be in complete assurances to accomplish according to the plan. Vijayakumar (2009) know that “controlling function involves the act of determining the deviation between actual and planned activities” (p.113). Controlling has two basic purposes which are facilitate the co-ordination and helps in planning for the desired

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