Four Types Of Competitive Strategy Analysis

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What is competitive strategies?
Competitive strategy can be defined as continuing ort long term plan of a specific company. The objective of this strategy is to ensure that their company can compete, gain advantage and to ensure that they are moving one step ahead from their rivals or competitors in the market or industry. The purpose of this strategy are to form a protective position in a market or industry and producing bigger return on Investment. Superficially, there are four types of the competitive strategy that can applied.
What are the four types of the competitive strategies?

1. Cost leadership
Cost leadership is a type of strategy that make a company to offer a low-cost product or services for the customer and produce a large
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The main goal for this strategy is to unique in producing a product especially to the customer that are restrain or not satisfied with some small feature that are missing in the competitor product. For example, some of the laptop company like DELL have introduced a laptop that is specially use for gaming named Alianware. The advantage of this strategy is the company can focus their work and can only use fewer assets as they only provide product to a specific market…show more content…
This is because by using all of the four strategies, perhaps the company can earn many profit and can sustain in market for a longer time.
As have been mentioned before, it is advisable for the some company to concentre only on one competitive strategy to ensure that they can stay in the industry, but the fact is, it is flexible and subjective as the company can change it according to the situation of the market and it ‘s own rival.
Firstly, in order to assist my Malaysian business to become more competitive and can earn more profit in the market it is recommended for them to proceed with the differentiation leadership and focus strategies. As both of these strategy could help the company to produce or offer a product or service that meet the demand of the customer or user. In addition, from both of these strategy the company can differentiate their own products or services to become more unique or as a completion to the feature that is lack on its own competitor products or services. Then, it is also suggested for the company to make a backup plan if the first do not turn out the way they want. Perhaps, they can introduced a new product or services in the market. This is because customer are willing or eager to try a new product in the market as they want to know-how the new products or services work and the quality

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