Four Types Of Interpersonal Conflicts

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2.2 Types of Conflict:

Human beings are social, living and working together. The peoples relations are compassion, cooperation, competition, argument, quarrelling and even fighting it depends on personalities and situations. Working in the same place means to be confront in a conflict because the peoples working together are from various personalities, backgrounds and have different views. Consequently, they are not able to avoid conflicts in the workplace. Since last 25 years, organizations had changed, so did their attitude to conflict management. Organizations are attempt to adopt a strategic approach to managing organizational conflicts (Aula P. & Siira K., 2010). The concept of four types of organizational conflicts are:

I. Interpersonal conflict: It is a conflict between two or more persons involved. The origins of the conflict may be from individual hatred or personality differences (Jones, Gareth R; & George, Jennifer M, 2008). Peoples are responded in a different ways to their disagreements, with personal feelings, attitudes and goals contributing to the conflict. The managers
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Inter-organizational conflict: It is the conflict between different organizations (Jones, Gareth R; & George, Jennifer M, 2008). Usual source of the conflicts is between different organizations. There are three types of inter-organizational conflict like substantive conflict, emotional conflict and cultural conflict.
• Substantive conflict – it happened when a basic disagreement arises between the two organizations at a fundamental level. For instance, a conflict between Environmental Protection Agencies and Wooden Furniture Exporters and Manufacturers that carries on a lucrative business.
• Emotional conflict – it appears when people from different organizations react on an emotional level – out of fear, jealousy, envy or stubbornness.
• Cultural conflict is arise on cultural needs and desires. All these conflicts are because of misunderstanding and
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