Four Family Approaches In Nursing

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss four types of family approaches and provide examples of how to implement appropriate nursing interventions. The four types of family approaches discussed are family as context, as client, as a system, and as a component of society. Each type of family approach is defined and described in detail. An example from my personal experience for each type of family approach discussed is provided to augment the topic. The conclusion provides an overview of the papers contents and identifies the main points discussed to result with improved awareness of how to care for the family as a unit in nursing. An explanation of approaching family as context is explained in relation to nursing, and a personal example of…show more content…
Kaakinen et al. (2015) states that approaching family as a client is centered on each individual family members well-being that create the sum of a family. An example of this approach is well demonstrated by my family’s primary care provider (PCP). My mother, father, sister, and I all routinely see the same primary care provider. Near the end of 2014 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in early 2015 my father was diagnosed with colon cancer. Our PCP and the nurses focused their approach to each of us individually and assessed each of our needs, perceptions, and understanding of everything that was going on at the time while all of this was going on. They were concerned with my sisters emotional coping strategies and identified she needed some behavioral assistance to help guide her through this trying time in our lives. Therefore, our PCP referred her to the appropriate providers to assist her. They were concerned with me because I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, a nursing student, and the stress was affecting my blood pressure. My PCP and Obstetrics physician, along with the nurses, worked collaboratively to ensure the health of me and my unborn child throughout the course of my pregnancy and after while my parents were still battling cancer. During this time great stressors were placed on my sister…show more content…
Examples from my personal experience within my family were provided to gain a better understanding of the application of each approach to family care. While one approach is not better than another, each approach is situational. It is important as a nurse to interview the patient and family to gather an understanding of their culture, needs, and expectations. The nurse should then assess the entire situation and plan appropriate interventions that would best fit the family and situation that is presented. This allows for a higher quality of care, better outcomes, and increased compliance to support the well-being of the
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