Four Types Of Interpersonal Conflict

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Gone are the days when people lived in peace with each other. Today we are up for all kinds of disagreement between two individuals or subgroups of an organisation involving significant resentment and discontent. It goes without saying that this causes huge unrest and creates a very unfriendly work environment. Such an occurrence is addressed as a conflict. These can be of 4 types in general and they are as follows:
 Interpersonal conflicts - Interpersonal conflict occurs when one person intervenes with another person 's efforts at achieving a goal. This occurs mostly due to the fact that people are different from one another. We have varied personalities which generally results in incompatible choices and opinions. Evidently,
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Christopher Moore has defined conflicts as a struggle between two or more people over values or competition for status, power and scarce resources. Nicholson defines conflicts as a struggle between individuals to peruse goals which are mutually inconsistent. Jeffrey Rubin and Dean Pruitt define conflicts as perceived divergence of interest or a belief that the parties’ current aspirations cannot be achieved simultaneously. Some common key components of interpersonal conflicts…show more content…
 Invite your colleagues to suggest ways to proceed.
 Treat everyone with respect.
After an extensive study in the given topic we can conclude with the simple fact that it’s in best interest that we understand our own self in the best possible way so that it becomes easy to understand a sudden situation and thereby react accordingly. Evidently it’s not possible to avoid interpersonal conflicts since sometimes the reasons are situation based and they are totally out of control. In situations like these it’s best if we understand our stand properly and choose our course of action. Certain suggestions can be made but a permanent solution cannot be obtained for this particular problem.
Quotes on Interpersonal conflicts
It has been said by Bolton that “To be human is to experience conflict”. (1996) “Whenever we interact with another person, some of our needs and goals are congruent with theirs and some are incongruent. A conflict of interest exists when the actions of one person attempting to maximize his or her needs and benefits, block, interfere with, injure or in some way make less effective the actions of another person attempting to maximize his or her needs or
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