The Four Types Of Malware

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On development of science and technology, the network technique is more and more advance and important. A lot of malware has appeared on the Internet. Malware is described some unsafe software, such as computer viruses, Trojan horses and spywares. Recently, it uses in order to invade any computer. Malware is exploited by hackers and governments to steal personal, financial or state secrets. Malware is typically used against hackers to gain information like personal identification numbers, credit card passwords. As malware steal information from people and companies more frequently, computer experts think malware is too dangerous to affect people’s life. It is necessary in order to anti- malware for people and society. Some computer experts…show more content…
They are viruses, Spyware, Trojan and worms.
Virus is a self infection by copying other normal file malware, infected files can be utilized to remove the virus after return to normal, there are some infected files cannot be cleared. At this time recommended to delete the file, reinstall the application.
According to the author Kirby explains spyware - just like a spy, a hacker uses spyware to track internet activities and steal people’s information and also install backdoors in user computers without people being conscious of it (Kirby, 2015). The user's private data and important information will be the backdoor acquisition; even these "backdoor" can allow hackers to remotely manipulate the user's computer.
Trojan refers to a specific program to control another computer. There are usually two executable programs: one is to control the end. Another is the control terminal. It usually gets permission to run by covert means, then theft of user privacy, or other malicious behavior.
The worm is through the network to copy itself to other computers on the network with the malicious program, is different from the common virus, worm virus does not usually infect other programs on the computer, but to steal confidential information on other
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Although it has just started for Windows XP, it is also developing. According to the website, it states that its infection channel is by net shares, software vulnerabilities and removable drives (Conficker, 2014). However, under the command and control server command, they can also download other malicious software to steal credentials and disable security software.
 Sality, which appeared in 2003, can infect computers in different ways and it is thought to have originated in Russia. Sality is a polymorphic malware that is evolving and difficult to detect, and attacks by infecting executable files and downloading more complex malware. According to SALITY, it explains “Sality malware modifies the affected computer’s HOSTS files to prevent access to certain websites” (2013). It’s like Conficker, controlled by a huge

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