Four Types Of Parenting Styles

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There are different types of parenting styles that are came across the psychologists so they told us about different parenting styles. There are four types of parenting styles that are given follows:
• Permissive
• Authoritarian
• Authoritative
• Uninvolved
They are the four kinds of the parenting styles by which the child is groomed and are given towards there happy living. the four types of parenting styles are discussed and explain follows:
A permissive parent are the parents that have some rules of life that are also for their children that they have to follow they usually trust their children but implies some rules to their lives. They have high self esteem and have a great self confidence. They
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They have set their standards and they know how to lead there life. They have set their guidelines. They are democratic parents. There relationships are reciprocal. They have power assertive and they are high in directional communication. They are socially responsible. Their expectations are really high and they are well aware of their responsibilities. They are highly supportive and closely monitor and set rules. They are more successful in raising their children.
The children of the authoritative parents have high self esteem, they have managed their lives well according to their social interaction and according to their responsibilities that are need to be done or fulfilled by them. They are socially responsible. They are happy and good kids. They are good at problem solving. They are self motivated and confidence cooperative; they are excellent students and are high achievers.
They have trust on people and they make friends easily. They are highly cooperative and are good person as known to their social standards.
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They have low self esteem; they usually don’t trust feelings of others or the people that they are surrounded by. They have poor social skills; they face difficulty in concentrating on things such as education etc.
The parents set many rules and closely monitor but offer a very little support.
The child that are raised by the parents that deals with the form authoritarian parenting they are usually moody and anxious. They are well b ehaved but at some times they are shy but at some points they are bold. They are fearless. They are aggressive and gets angry on very little things and their aggression is than hard to control. They are average students. They have low self esteem, they usually don’t trust people more easily and their social skills are not that strong. They interact with their society very less.
They have poor social skills. They are always being pressured by something either running in their mind or the situation that are practiced in its surroundings. They develop the fear of failure in themselves.
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