Four Types Of Social Responsibility In Africa

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Student Answer: The 4 Types of Social Responsibility The 4 Types of Social Responsibility are Philanthropic, Ethical, Legal and Economic Responsibilities. Beginning at the bottom of the Pyramid is Economic Responsibility which relates to being economically viable in order to provide a return on investments. Next moving up is Legal Responsibility which are things that require compliance with laws and regulations. Next is Ethical Responsibility where companies must decide what they consider to be just, fair and right. At the top is Philanthropic Responsibility where companies need to be involved in looking at the greater good for people in society. NERICA has been successful for Africa. Africa has survived due the rice crop production. The following is the results of the new genetically rice seed produce by NERICA. An increase in grain head size from 75-100 grains per head to 400 grains per head. An increase in yield from 1 ton per hectare to 2.5 tons per hectare, yield increases to 5 tons per hectare with fertilizer use. Contains 2% more protein than their African or Asian parents. They are taller than most rice plants, which makes harvesting easier. They resist pests, and they tolerate drought and infertile soils better than Asian varieties. For his leadership in developing NERICA, Dr. Monty Jones was named a co-recipient of the 2004 World Food Prize. Correct Answer: n/a

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