Four Wheel Steering System Essay

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 The four wheel steering system is done with rack and pinion steering mechanism.
 The front axle and rear axle are connected to rack and pinion steering
 The front and rear axle are connected to the steering shaft connected steering wheel.
 The front and rear axle can be engaged and disengaged according our need Figure 3. Driving Gears
Steering arrangement Figure 4. Steering arrangement

WORKING AND DESCRIPTION: In four-wheel steering systems, the rear wheels are steered by a computer and actuators. The rear wheels generally cannot turn as far as the front wheels. Some systems allow the rear wheels to be steered in the opposite direction as the front
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Some of the modern European Intercity buses also utilize four-wheel steering to assist manoeuvrability in bus terminals, and also to improve road stability. the turning circle can be tightened so parking and manoeuvring is easier [1].

Figure 5. Turing of 4 and 2 wheel Steering system

Slow and High Speed Modes: At Slow Speeds rear wheels turn in the direction opposite to that of the front wheels. This mode is used for navigating through hilly areas and in congested city where better cornering is required for U turn and tight streets with low turning circle which can be reduced as shown in figure 6. Figure 6. Slow and High Speed Modes
High Speed Lane Changing:

Another driving maneuver that frequently becomes cumbersome and even dangerous is changing lanes at fairly high speeds. Although this is less steering intensive, this does not require a lot concentration from the driver since he has to judge the space and vehicles behind him. Here is how crab mode can simplify this action as shown in figure 7. Figure 7. High Speed Lane Changing


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