Four Wheelers And Electric Fences: A Narrative Analysis

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Four wheelers and Electric Fences Isn’t a Good Mix. My brothers friend came over. Have you ever been involved in an accident in a vehicle? Well, Gabe sure did learn that four wheelers and electric fences isn’t a good mix. Reckless driving is dangerous because you aren’t aware of your surroundings, going too fast to where death is involved, and others will be hurt. Gabe Wiegand woke up tired eyes when the sun rises, and he began to get ready for the day. Gabe can’t wait for today, while munching on his waffles he hears a car door shut. Looking out the window is a small red car, with his brother’s friend coming to the front door. Yelling downstairs Gabe said, “Asher, Ben is here!” Gabe continued to get ready by brushing his teeth with his mint scented flavor and making his…show more content…
Ran back and in trouble. Gabe’s heart is pounding, and his brother had a worried look on his face. We yelled for my father, and he was furious. In a stern voice he asked, “What did you do!?” “I… uh...I’m sorry dad, I didn’t see the fence and I ran into it,” Gabe replied in a weak voice. “Well, you have to go tell the neighbors about this,”Gabe’s father said. 9. Went to Neighbor. Gabe sprinting toward his neighbor 's house, breathing hard and nervously with sweat. He became so nervous. He rang the doorbell waiting for someone to answer. Gabe’s neighbor answered the door and he talked all about it to him, and his neighbor wasn’t mad at all! He gave grace to Gabe and told Gabe that he has extra wire, he would fix it too. Gabe felt so sorry that he decided to help him fix the fence, but the four wheeler wasn’t running, so Gabe had consequences. 10. Repairing the fence The fence was all down, but we would make a temporary fix by pulling the wire to lift the rest of the broken fence. They would coil one end of the broken wire to the other. It would take around ten minutes to fix the electric fence. Gabe would later give a gift card and letter back to his neighbor for

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