Four Year College Advantages

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No level of four-year college education guarantees a well-paying job. In today’s world, the college experience typically offers many things: exposure to a new environment, support, connection building, and the ability to learn how to live independently. College is the best choice for some but it is not for everyone. College is for those people with ambition that want to be doctors, lawyers and engineers.
High school students/incoming college freshmen deal with pressures of choosing whether they want to go to college aside from just if they want to go at all. It’s difficult to make a rational decision about college when parents, educators, politicians and really, society in general is pro college. When choosing to skip college to pursue your own higher education, one is doing what many look down upon. This is the unnecessary fear that should not surround college; not that purposefully skipping college will ruin your life, but that mindlessly attending college (or graduate school) may lock you into a huge pile of debt that may not have needed to have been created in the first place. Though you may lack the real college experience today’s world seems to vaunt, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives than attending a four-year institution, such as a community college, two-year institution, or online classes.
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The biggest advantage of online courses is that your instructor is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gives more individual attention, prompting a much faster response to questions students may have about anything. The only real way you miss class is not logging on, especially because phones are so prominent in today’s world all the assignment notifications come directly to your phone. This is one of the main and the most controversial way of self-education that many people do not suggestion unless it is for credit recovery purposes
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