Four-Year College Opportunity Cost Analysis

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Opportunity cost for attending a four-year college (full-time) can vary and the decision can be based on whether or not the outcome causes a deeper debt or higher income compared to people who chose to start a career without further education. Some consider losing four years of salary while getting your degree and hope to earn more when your career officially starts. Examples of expenses when attending a four-year college:

1. Added tuition (not covered by scholarships and grants) can accumulate as well as housing, books, food and travel expenses.
2. Time it takes to complete a four-year degree and the sacrifices including social life, not being able to work full time or even part time.
3. Countless hours dedicated to studying and in some cases lack of sleep.
4. Some students

Students chose a four-year college experience for many reasons including higher employment rates, greater salary potential and the ability to qualify for a graduate study or more advanced jobs.
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That was very stressful! I had to work while attending college in order to pay for my tuition. During that time, my career conflicted my schooling and demanded time shortly after classes ended that day. College classes required me to be in class early in the morning and ended late in the afternoon Monday-Friday. What I found to be very irritating is the time span between classes. One class started at 8 am and then another class would start around 11 am, and my 3rd class was around 3 pm. Which meant a one to two-hour break in between classes. Granted, the break did help with studying but so much time was wasted between classes. What I find easier when attending online classes is the flexibility I have online. My busy work schedule changes day by day therefore, I can choose the time of day or night to accomplish assignments at my own pace in the comfort of my
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