Four Year College Scholarships

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As a senior in high school, I have come to the realization that college is even more expensive than what our parents told us. That is, of course, if you decide to take the four-year college road. There are many other way cheaper ways to attend college. To begin with, one could go to a community college, it is much less expensive and it is usually close to home, so the room and board costs can be eliminated. Other options include the ROTC, transferring to a four-year college after spending two years in a community college, working while studying, etc. I will explain how to partially finance a four-year university and analyze how this will cut the cost that our parents warned us about.
Villanova University is home to about seven thousand undergraduate
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There are so many scholarships out there that it is almost impossible to apply for the aid of all of them. Scholarships are basically a grant of money for a characteristic of the student. There are scholarships for being an athlete, for being Hispanic, for having applied to a certain school, for having done hours of community service, and the list goes on. Trust me, there is a scholarship out there for you. But it is not easy to get them. Sometimes you ought to write an essay, maybe you have to explain to them why you should be the recipient of the scholarship, etc. The best way to approach scholarships is to just apply for as many as possible. Even if you are not the greatest writer or you don’t have the best GPA. Most people believe they are not the right fit for the scholarship and just decide not to apply for it, which is a huge…show more content…
It is a harder process and it could be much less lucrative than say the Co-op programs, but if you are lucky enough, you can pull off some money out of it. To do so, you need to be proactive. Most professors, while they are teaching, look for other things to do, and one of them are researches. They enjoy writing books for students or for professionals in their field because in the end, they are the experts on it. Here is where the students come in part. The professors cannot do all the jobs alone. Say a professor wants to study the reproduction of bacteria cells. They need someone to write their discoveries, to write thesis, to analyze what the discovery means, etc. Students are usually the ones doing that job. And money isn’t the only thing students gain with this, it is experience, a closer relationship with one of your professors, and if lucky enough, your name recorded in the inside of the
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