Fournier's Gangrene Feasibility Study

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1. Fournier’s Gangrene is not an uncommon disease in this part of the country.
2. The average disease burden is 3.19 per 10,000 hospital admissions.
3. The disease is most prevalent in the fourth and fifth decades of life.
4. The commonest presenting features are scrotal pain and ulcer followed by scrotal edema, erythema and fever.
5. The commonest source of origin is Genitourinary (40 %). In 17.5% of the patients, no source could be identified.
6. Diabetes and alcoholism were found in a significant number of patients.
7. Majority of the patients (60 %) presented between 2 days – 7 days from the onset of the disease. No patient presented in the first 48 hours.
8. The extent of disease process was localized in 67.5 % of the cases and extensive in 32.5 %.
9. The most
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