Fourth Amendment

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Imagine a person takes your phone and starts going through your photos, messages, notes, and emails. People have private information in their cell phones which they don’t want people to look at. Law enforcements today are taking phones and search them without a warrant when they are arrested. The federal government is able to know where you are located just by easily tracking your phone. There are people who think it’s a great idea because police and catch criminals easier. In the other hand people think it is invading our privacy. The ACLU believes that the government is invading our privacy and they should not be able to search our phone without a warrant and should not know the location we visit or currently at. The can also get you contacts,…show more content…
The fourth amendment is written to limit the power the government to go in our privacy. The amendment was written in 1791, smartphones were not invented until 1992. A smartphone is part of a person’s property and the amendment says that the government cannot search a person’s property without a warrant. In other hands on a police officer point of view they should be able to search through phone with or without warrants because they have important information for a crime or a…show more content…
I like to have privacy of my own and I do not like what the government can just look through my text messages and know my location at every moment. I also believe that I are protected by the fourth amendment and the Supreme Court should involve technology in the fourth amendment. I don’t feel my information is save when it is in the hands of the police. Hackers have been more and more active over the years. A hacker will find a way to get in a police database and get the information of our cell phones. The government has too much power over the people and we the people are letting that happen. We need to stand up to the government and let our voices be
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