Fourth Amendment Pros And Cons Essay

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Along time ago there was a king in England who would take colonists homes, put us in prison, and not tell us why. The king would take our guns which we needed to protect ourselves back then. We got into a war when we were trying to free ourselves from England. We won the war so we created a new government. But we wanted to have some rules the government has to follow so this new government doesn 't do the same thing the old garment did. This was called the bill of rights which was the first 10 amendments to our constitution. The first amendment covers are civil liberties. The freedom of speech is where we can say what we want about the government without getting in trouble. The freedom of press is where we can print what we want as long as it 's not a lie. …show more content…

The third amendment protects us from housing soldiers during war or peace. Unless you allow them to go into your home. The fourth amendment protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures. The government must have probable cause cause or a good reason to search you. They also can 't search or take items from you without a warrant. A warrant is only issued by Judge and only items on the one I can be seized. The fifth amendment, formally charged with a indictment. You cannot have double jeopardy which means only get one chance to charge you. You don 't have to make yourself look guilty. The government can 't take away anyone 's life freedom for property without following steps to give them a fair chance. Also private property can 't be taken by the government without paying fair price for the property. The six amendment what 's the accused have the right to a speedy trial. By fair Jury, the trial must take place in the county the crime took place. The accused have to know what they 're being charged with, why they 're in jail, who said they did it, and ask them questions. Put cues can force anyone to come to their trial and the cutest also has the right to a lawyer and if they can 't afford one they will

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