Fourth Branch Of Government Essay

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writing prompt #6: Explain why the media has been called the fourth branch of government. Include your opinion of whether this is an accurate portrayal. Media is considered the fourth branch of government, but why? Media influences lives on the daily and can influence governmental thoughts, opinions , and decisions as well. Because of this it could be used for or against the government. This sounds fine however it can be hidden through the forms of propaganda. Media often bases the opinion of things for management American citizens. Thanks to the first amendment the media can speak about what they want whenever they want. Some people say that this amendment was the beginning of the unofficial fourth branch of government: the media. The…show more content…
Some positive effects could include an easier way to communicate among countries and groups and spread good and full hearted ideas. Secondly the power of the media could be domesticated by the government if it were official. It also could be used to support a cause that a certain official stands for and would benefit many lives. Lastly it could also support the United States of America and its citizens through what may occur. Some negative effects may be it being used against the other branches of government and then they would get a greater amount of power. Secondly It could spread untruthful news very quickly . Also If there is ever a flaw it could be recorded in an unsuitable manner. Finally anything that is shared to the public through media cannot be undone. Overall the consequences of making this decision of creating media to be the fourth branch of government outweigh the positive effects. However it is ironic that the same consequences could potentially happen without it officially being a branch of government as they would be as an official branch of government.( My opinion on this situation is that media is overpowered and if it was an official branch congress would have to even out the powers in order for it to work in a reasonable and controlled way. However it becoming an official branch is highly unlikely and will most likely never occur. I do feel that propaganda is taking over the aspect of being free and interrupting your political mindset on issues. Overall I think the media’s powers should be evened out and intertwine other positive aspects into their work rather than
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