Fourth Day Research Paper

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The fourth grade celebration was one of the biggest parties of the elementary years, at least that 's what everyone said. But what they didn’t say, was that it could cause a boy to go over the edge. To cause him to end up in a coma. They didn’t mention that I would end up making a life or death choice. Maybe they just didn’t know what I was in for, maybe nobody did. I haven’t even stepped foot into fun slides since. It was a traumatic experience, and the worst part is, I can’t get away from the people who caused it. I was dating Lee Rapp at the time of the incident. The fourth grade celebration wasn’t going to be our first date, since we had already gone on a field trip, and to my birthday party. I should have known something would end up happening, just with how he was acting. When I arrived at fun slides, he was already there. I was turned and talking to my mum and he snuck up on me and squeezed my sides, then lifted me up into the air, a…show more content…
Basically, he wanted to kiss me. Now. But I was not really ready to have my first kiss in front of a crowd of 4th graders. Plus, my mother had just taken extra measures so that I couldn 't even kiss him if I did want to. So here I am, standing in this chaotic mess of kids in my grade, my boyfriend and my best friends out of sight, and Jenna Luikart grabs onto my arm, dragging me to an unknown destination. She leads me off somewhere away from the crowd, and begins to beg me to kiss Lee. She tells me that she didn’t have a chance to kiss him when they dated, so I must kiss him for her. I told her about my dilemma , that I didn’t want to use my first kiss like this, and that I had stuff on my lips so I would get in trouble if I did kiss him. Then, most unexpectedly, she started dragging me across funslides. By my ankles, no
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