Fourth Hour Social Class Essay

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As I walk out of Mr.Fiedler’s fourth hour social class, I wonder what kind of mood the evil Mrs.Berntson will be in today. I turn the corner and see all of the seventh graders come out room 224 screaming in fright. Oh great, I thought to myself. I approached the door and carefully step into the classroom making sure nothing jumps out at me. I step into the classroom only to see my witch looking teacher with black hair and warts covering her face standing in the corner of the room.
“Welcome to another day in my wonderful classroom,” Mrs.Berntson cackled.
At least I wasn 't the first one in there because i heard that the first kid in the classroom gets a ‘treat’ that could possibly be poisoned.
“Quickly take your seats so we can get started right
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I didn 't respond back to that loud scary voice, not realizing it was santa, I just got up off the floor and ran for my life.
“Catch her!” everyone screamed.
I ran and ran until my legs couldn 't carry me anymore. I found a corner to hide in and i hear voices saying which way did she go, and here are her footprints. All of a sudden they found me and started to close in on me. I was helpless, but then I remembered how I got here. Just write meanwhile, I thought to myself. So i did. Quickly before I was going to be strangled, I used my finger and wrote meanwhile in the snow, and just like that I was sitting on the coast of Australia.
I can 't believe it this meanwhile thing actually works, first I meanwhiled out writing an essay then I meanwhiled out of almost getting killed and know I’m on the beautiful coast of Australia life couldn 't get any better than this.
After being in Australia for a few days, I decided to go take a tour so that I could see everything there is to see here. I walked up to the tour guide station and about twenty other people got on the bus with me. The tour guide, Steve, started off by introducing himself and telling us that he has lived in Australia for twenty years after moving from the

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